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Paul Bowles: Under the Sky

4 Apr

Here’s a nasty little story from the native’s perspective. So much for the noble savage. A couple of quick questions:

Is this guy supposed to represent his “people”? How would you characterize him?

Why does he start weeping at the end? And why does Bowles keep us out of his point of view when he does?

Paul Bowles: Call at Corazon

4 Apr

Here we have a Bowles story set in Latin America, probably Mexico, unlike his usual settings in northern Africa. How does the change of place effect the story? Or does the setting even matter?

Here we have a story that concerns a relationship between a man and woman, on their honeymoon. What does the setting say about the relationship? In other words, what kind of couple would choose to honeymoon like this?

What does the monkey signify? How is this “motif” repeated, and to what effect?

If this is a battle of the sexes, who wins? What happens next? Is the young wife in any way justified in what she does? Is her “punishment” fair, considering her “crime”?

Briefly describe these two characters. Can you imagine what attracts them to each other?